Machine a Casting Pattern!


SMW Tormach 1100 Fixture Plate

SMW DeWalt Fixture Plate

SMW MDF Waste Boards

Manfrotto Superarm

Razor Blade Scraper

Paint Scraper

TAS Rougher

High Bond Tape

Recommended Super Glue Fixturing Materials


ShopVac Cart Fusion File

RenShape Pattern Template

Download the file from this link, right click, and open with Fusion 360

Machining a Casting Pattern on the Tormach 1100. Second time’s a charm!

On WW 162, we made a Southbend Lathe Casting Pattern but this time, we made major improvements.  We’ll discuss the toolpath that helps us achieve the crucial DRAFT ANGLE as well as how to use DUPLICATION PATTERN in Fusion 360.  Improved S&F + Super Glue Fixturing + CAM toolpaths = WIN!

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