What’s New on NYCCNC – March 27, 2018

Hi Folks!  Here’s what we have been up to this past month:


  1. Alex, our newest intern, has been helping bring the majority of the NYCCNC YouTube videos over to NYCCNC.  This improves the searchability of NYCCNC content and allows you to use the NYCCNC.com Library search and tag / filter system!  If you come across older content that has any mistakes, needs support material (e.g. CAD / CAM files), etc – let us know!
  2. John updated the Steel Tormach Tool Library.  Changes include revised Speeds & Feeds for all tools, addition of smaller solid carbide end mills, better Tool Reference Info (vendor, URL, etc) and, finally, adding some new tools like the Dijet High Feed Mill that you’ll see an an upcoming Wednesday Widget.
  3. We added this news sections!  It’s a work in progress; we need a better way to communicate with YOU – letting you know about updates, changes to articles, etc.  We’re also brainstorming on ways to create versioning or documenting changes to the Fusion 360 Tool Libraries and CAM templates for the NYCCNC Pro Members.
  4. Sneak Peek:  Ed, Alex, Jared and John are about to start a new Speeds & Feeds Video Library showing video examples of specific tools, materials, holders and more.  These will tie into the NYC CNC Tool Libraries and serve as a great reference for what a cut should sound like and what the chips should look like.

Some Recent articles & additions to the site:

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