What’s New on NYCCNC – February 21, 2018

Hi Folks!  We spent most of last year (2017) building out the NYCCNC site infrastructure.  We wanted a website that offered a reliable, well organized, and searchable database for all-things CNC, manufacturing, machining and entrepreneurship.  Building out websites like this is quite challenging, especially as the scope changes.  Predicting the feeling, layout and organization is difficult!  For those who were on NYCCNC.com back in the fall of 2017 when it first launched, you’ve no doubt seen significant changes compared to the site today!

In 2018, we’re focusing on:

  1. Final Site structure improvements.  Things like this news section so it’s easier to see what’s new and updated on the site!  Things like improvements to the Forum, clarifying what Pro membership includes and finalizing the back-end templates for how each page looks
  2. Content!  From speeds & feeds to instructional videos to pulling in some of the most popular past NYCCNC YouTube videos, we want this site to be a reliable, fast, informative way for YOU to learn and leverage for Fusion 360 tutorials, CNC Machining, Speeds & Feeds and Business & Manufacturing Entrepreneurship.  We have a number of videos either part-way done or soon to be filmed on things like accounting, how to get started, material-specific Feeds & Speeds, metrology basics and more!

Some Recent articles & additions to the site:

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