What is Scraping?

What is Hand Scraping?

What is Scraping? A way to make a metal object REALLY flat!  Machine Scraping, Hand Scraping or Power Scraping all refer to the process of scraping - a.k.a. removing small scrapes or chips - metal in its relaxed state (e.g. not held in a vise) to make the metal surface incredibly flat!  Scraping (and flaking) are also important processes to building machine tools for ensuring proper machine fit, wear and oil distribution.  Scraping is considered a lost art.  Luckily, scraping can be done with a basic hand scraping tool (although a BIAX style power scraper is much nicer).  Scraping itself is not particularly difficult, bu knowing how much to scrape and where to scrape is an artform!

What is Scraping?  A Video Tutorial on Hand Scraping!

Video Review of a Richard King Hand Scraping Class!

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