Using HAAS Alias Codes to Center Machine over Vise!

Being able to send your CNC machine to specific positions can save you time and fatigue from manually jogging each axis! This is especially true on multi-axis machines like the UMC-750 where we frequently want to center Z,Y,B, and C axis over our 5th Axis vise.

The following program for our UMC-750 uses alias M155 to first move the machine to Z0, then move the B and C (the “5th” axis) to 0, then center the X and Y over our 5th Axis vise.

O09009 ( M155) ;
G53 G00 Z0 ;
G53 G00 B0 C0 ;
G53 G00 X-10.9363 y-10.0216 ;
M30 ;

To set this up on your HAAS CNC Machine, go to settings / alias then assign the desired M code (M155 in this example) to the program alias (O09009 in this example).

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