NYC CNC Training Class Reviews

NYC CNC offers numerous CNC training classes! We offer beginner CAD and CAM classes with Fusion 360, hands on machining training with HAAS and Tormach CNC mills, as well as a Fixturing & Advanced CAM course.

I am taking the time to recap last months training class that my co-worker and myself attended. I would like to thank you for offering such a value-added product to the industry. I have worked in the heavy equipment trade for 30 years, I have attended many training classes, college classes, and seminars, none of which are presented this well. Kevin has a very solid training style, and a deep knowledge of the subject matter. The environment that you provide for training, subject matter, and equipment are great.
Upon returning home, my partner tackled the drawing, CAM and machining with such an advanced manner that all the work exceeded expectation. The return on investment into your classes was immediate.

-Michael R, February 2019

Just wanted to thank you for these awesome classes. Yes there is one day left to go for me but feel like I can finally use fusion to its full potential and then turn a design into reality. You have an incredible facility, great people and fantastic equipment.

-John D, June 2019

Just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I truly enjoyed the classes at SMW. Your personality and knowledge of Fusion 360 made the class exceptionally enjoyable and educational. Before I came to the SMW classes I thought I would probably enjoy CNC machining. Now I know for a fact that I LOVE CNC machining as well as CAD/CAM in Fusion!

-David V, 12/13/18

Thanks for providing high quality, low cost Fusion 360 training.  Just finished the basic class and am looking forward to coming back for the Advanced Fusion 360 Class.

-Jay P, 8/20/18

The training class on both Fusion 360 and Hands on CNC has helped a lot with what we do at work and has given us more capabilities within our project, rather than having to go to the base machine shop or to an outside shop to have one off or low quantity parts made.  Also thanks for the great content, I watch as many videos as I can.

-Justin D.

I took the CNC and and Advanced CAM class in June. Wanted to send a thank you email a lot sooner, but finally getting into making parts. I owe all to you, Jared and Kevin!
I’ll send a better thank you later, but wanted you to see your teaching in action.

-Eric C.

Just concluded a week long series of workshops on Fusion 360 , advanced Fusion 360 and use of the Tormach at John Saunders place in Zanesville, OH.
Absolutely brilliant in every respect. Instructors awesome, environment welcoming, staff incredible. Learned a ton.
Of the many workshops I’ve taken over the years in many different fields (work and other), this has to be the best.
Thanks to all those involved.

-Dan S.

I can say it is the only class i have ever taken and walked away able to help not only myself but others.

-Nathan H.

Thanks Jared and Kevin for a great class, and for putting up with my lack of computer skills they are great teachers with lots of patience. Thanks 
again hope to be back for another course. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to learn CNC.

-Rich B.

Attending the training classes with John and his team at Saunders was possibly the best business investment I’ve made in years.
The training was top notch! Informative and kept us interested from the first morning until we had to leave.
We actually arrived home confident in our abilities and felt more like well trained operators then the skittish beginners we arrived as.

-Everette B