Short Circuit Johnny 5 Build!

Project Overview:

We loved the movie Short Circuit as kids!  Like Johnny 5, we love input!  We also like disassembling things – something Johnny 5 would NOT agree with!

Follow along as we build a full-scale replica of Johnny 5!  We’re starting with the tracks and working our way up!  The combination of machined, laser cut and 3D printer parts, along with the various electromechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic parts should make this a challenging but fun build!

We’d like to thank the team at Input-Inc who have helped jumpstart this project through their years of hard work inspecting an original Johnny 5 to build a comprehensive CAD model that serves as the basis for our Johnny 5 build!

Johnny 5 Build Videos:

Downloads and CAD Models:

We are building a Johnny 5 replica to inspire, educate, and expose people of all ages to STEM topics like engineering, machining, automation, motor control and more!  Building a replica Johnny 5 is a great way to teach these techniques and skills – and continue what the NYC CNC YouTube channel has been doing since 2007: inspiring folks to learn about Machining, Arduino, CAD, CAM and more!

We will not be releasing the CAD files of Johnny 5 nor will we sell any parts or complete versions of Johnny 5.    NYC CNC and Saunders Machine Works, LLC make no claim to own Johnny 5 or any of the copyrights or trademarks related to it.  NYC CNC and Saunders Machine Works, LLC believe that the operation of this site falls under the definition of “fair use” under the United States copyright laws.   NYC CNC and Saunders Machine Works, LLC are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the TriStar Pictures or its successors.  For more information on the Johnny 5 Build Project, please visit

Watch Short Circuit!

Short Circuit

Short Circuit 2

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