INCREDIBLE 5-Axis Machines: Hermle Factory Tour!

Hermle Factory Tour: NEVER BEFORE SEEN!

Today, we’re in the tiny, beautiful village of Gosheim, Germany with Gunther Schnitzer, President & CTO of Hermle, USA. Although Gosheim only has a population of 4000, it is home to one of the best high-end 5-axis machine tool builders in the world–and that’s not all. Hermle heavily emphasizes understanding the combination of all key elements of machining such as workholding, tooling, and programming. The incredible 3.5 year comprehensive apprenticeship program ensures that students learn everything from the basics of machining to how to service machines in the field! You know, I’m getting pretty hungry…are you? If so, make sure to watch until the end to see the CNC delicacy Hermle’s serving. It’s going to be delicious! A big thanks goes out to Hermle for allowing us to film and share it with all of you. P.S. Don’t forget that Hermle is helping Johnny 5 come to life! Stay tuned for more videos about the J5 project and their contribution.

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