How to Import a McMaster Carr CAD file into Fusion 360

Importing McMaster-Carr Files:

Creating every single fastener, nut, or washer you need for a CAD model would be painstaking and time consuming work. Luckily, McMaster-Carr publishes 3D files for nearly all of their products, and Fusion 360 has a quick and easy way of importing them.

On the Fusion 360 toolbar, click on the Insert drop-down
From here, click the second to last item; Insert McMaster-Carr Component
This opens a dialogue box with the McMaster Carr website. Either search for your part, or type its Part Number in the search bar
Now click on the Part Number, and in the dialogue box that opens select "Product Detail" in the top left corner
Scroll until you see the drop-down with a "Save" button next to it, and make sure 3-D Step is selected. Then press save
Now the part will be in your workspace, just place it where you need it like any other body!