How to Threadmill!

Threadmilling is a great solution for cutting clean threads at any size – but it’s difficult to get a great fit on the first try.

The days of chasing your thread when you can’t get the right fit are over! We’ve found the perfect formula to cut the perfect thread with any tool every time, and it makes learning how to thread mill easy!

Why Threadmill?

  • You can adjust the tolerance of the thread to your desired fit
  • It’s better for hard materials, it allows you to cut material in progressive passes
  • Unlike taps, thread mills won’t get stuck in parts if they break, and often won’t even damage the part
  • You can cut countless thread sizes with a single tool
  • Thread milling allows cutting odd sized threads
  • You can also use a thread mill to back chamfer the hole
  • Thread milling requires much less horsepower from the machine than tapping
  • Threadmills are readily available in carbide, as opposed to most taps being HSS or powdered metal


AB Tools TM1/4

Lakeshore Carbide 5/16-SPTRMLB

Lakeshore Carbide 1/2-SPTRMLB

Tormach 34693


Thread Mill Calculator

Fusion 360 File

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