How Much Does Fusion 360 Cost?

What’s the difference between the Free, Regular and Ultimate Versions of Fusion 360?  We explain!

Fusion 360 provides a full product suite, all in one cloud based program. This functionality makes it a priceless tool for any number of applications and trades. What can each version of the product do?

Fusion 360 Free

Fusion 360 is free for students, hobby users and businesses earning under $100,000 in revenue (a.k.a. startups).  The free version of Fusion is Fusion 360 Ultimate (e.g. you are not, in any way, limited in functionality with the free version).   NOTE:  Fusion 360 isn’t free but rather Autodesk allows certain users (students, hobby users, startups) to have access to Fusion 360 for free.

Fusion 360 Standard

With this package, you pay $300 a year (or a slightly higher monthly rate) and get a CAD modeling software package with integrated mechanical drawings ability, 2.5 and 3 axis CAM software, animations, renderings, stress testing, and manufacturing abilities such as 3D Printing and laser or plasma cutting.

Fusion 360 Ultimate

This software costs $1500 a year (again, slightly more if you pay monthly) and includes 4, and 5 axis CAM, buckling tests, and nonlinear stress testing, probing, and simulation tools (like FEA analysis).   Most machine shops and CNC users will not need Fusion 360 Ultimate unless you have a 4th axis or 5th axis.

To see the specifics of each version of Fusion, click here to go to their website

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