Fusion 360 Free Trial

Is Fusion 360 Free?

If you’re a student, startup business, or hobbyist, then YES – Fusion 360 is FREE!

Fusion 360’s is a powerful, cloud based, and functionality-rich CAD & CAM program accessible to anyone. For a more detailed explanation on the cost and licenses of Fusion 360, see our page How Much Does Fusion 360 Cost.

What are the benefits of Fusion 360?

  1. Price & Accessibility. The fact that Fusion 360 is free for students and hobbyists has helped it become a leading option in the CAD & CAM world.  While there are other free CAD softwares out there, programs like Sketchup and FreeCAD don’t offer the same professional-grade functionality that Fusion 360 does.  Fusion 360 presents a professional package of both CAD and CAM software, ready for use in the industry.   For paying customers (companies, businesses, etc), Fusion 360 has one price:  $500/year!
  2. Parametric CAD.   Fusion 360’s Parametric CAD offers an industrial grade parametric CAD.  Simply put, it’s a strong balance of capability and ease-of-use.
  3. Incredible CAM.  Fusion 360’s CAM is, in our opinion, one of it’s strongest offerings.  Fusion 360 CAM offers 3, 4 and 5 axis toolpaths as well as turning functionality.  The Fusion 360 Adaptive toolpath is one of the best ways to handle reliable, higher removal rate roughing strategies.    Integrating Fusoin 360’s parametric CAD helps with designing fixtures, softjaws and other workholding in your machining projects.

Autodesk offers a 30-day (or 3 year for students) Free Trial for Fusion 360 (click here)! With this, you get complete access to the full version of Fusion 360. Once that trial runs out, your files are still available, and you can opt to continue using the hobby version (which is the “full” version, so you lose zero functionality.)

Want to get the most out of your Fusion 360 Trial?

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The Cost of Fusion 360

How Much Does Fusion 360 Cost?