How to Make a Tool Storage Rack Using Parametric CAD

Making a DIY Tool Storage Rack Using Parametric CAD – User Parameters in Fusion 360 are AMAZING!

Parametric CAD models allow you to make on-the-fly adjustments to your model by only changing a single number! This provides an easy way to create a simple, modular storage rack for our Tormach tools or gauge pins.

Tool storage using Parametric CAD in Fusion 360! We had a growing collection of Deltronic gauge pins and needed something simple, cheap, and efficient (LEAN) to organize them. By simply adjusting user parameters, you can quickly update the entire model to suit your storage needs–and that’s why parametric CAD is AWESOME. Plus, there’s something satisfying about having all those blue boxes in perfect order….amiright?


Machine Rack

Deltronics Pin Rack

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