DIY Haimer Probe Tips (CHEAP)!

Haimer probe tips can get expensive! We wanted to bring you a cheaper, equally as functional alternative, in addition to having something we can use for our Tormach training classes. DIY probe tips can be tricky, but we have a solution that is both inexpensive and accurate!

Bill of Materials:

2mm Pencil Lead

Loctite 380 BlackMax

3D Printed Phaimer Tip

See below for details on 3D printing this part


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3D Printed Phaimer Tip

Phaimer Assembly Jig

3D Printing the Phaimer Tip

Not everyone has a quality 3D printer just laying around – sometimes it’s just cheaper to outsource. We used ShapeWays to print the Phaimer tip for $7.50 (Less than a fourth the cost of a factory Haimer tip!) using their fine detail plastic printing. See the below photo for all the settings we used. (It is also worth noting that the price does not change with a higher quantity in the order.)

*Thread pitch for the Haimer is M3 x 0.5, 3D printed threads may need chased with a tap before use.

Don’t have a Haimer yet? Here’s where to look!

Standard Haimer

TTS-Ready Haimer

CAT40 Haimer

Factory Haimer Tips

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