BUY or DIY? Shallow Test Gage

SPI Shallow-Test Gages are NOT DIY…or are they?

Yes, it CAN make sense to buy it but you know us…we want to see if we can DIY it. With a nod to Edge Precision and Tom Lipton, we’re taking the idea but adding our own modifications. Will #buildingashallowtestgage be a viable option? If you have any DIY stories, share in the comments below!

Now that we’ve finished the finger, let’s mill the beam from tight-tolerance 4140 alloy steel AND the tricky-to-hold slider piece.

Let’s talk tooling, toolpaths, tips, and tricks as well as speeds & feeds in Fusion 360.

SPI Shallow-Test Gage Build Part 3.

We’ll cover what a flexure is, minor adjustments made to the design, and how to machine the parts. Then, we’ll test it out.

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